Nespresso Citiz Review 2020

Nespresso Citiz Review 2020
  • Nespresso Citiz

Coffee is life and in modern times there are multiple ways to get a nice cup of coffee. There is no one who doesn’t enjoy a great cup of espresso. You might have come across the idea of buying yourself a
good espresso maker, but again with all the range of quality products, it is difficult to set your eyes on one item. There are different models depending upon the level of automation and prices can range from $100s to $1000s. If you just want coffee for few people and aren’t ready to take on a full featured espresso machine, then your right choice would be a Nespresso machine, so we came with unbiased Nespresso Citiz review 2020.

These machines are pretty much like the standard home coffee maker which don’t require a lot of space or time while they are easy to fit in and provide maximum ease. These machines make coffee an easy deal because their functionality is impeccable. These coffee machines don’t require grinding the coffee beans manually and setting the suitable temperature and many other petty details which can get into head of anyone. Also these functions usually exist in the giant espresso machines.

Nespresso Citiz by De’Longhi EN167B Espresso Machine Review: 4.5 Nespresso Citiz by De'Longhi EN167B Espresso Machine

Nespresso machines are great in terms of functionality because they offer ease in usage. They do all the dirty work themselves and give you a nice cup of coffee. If you are persuaded to buy a Nespresso machine, let’s introduce you to the best Nespresso machine. Let’s discuss about Nespresso Citiz.


Nespresso CitiZ

Nespresso Citiz is one of the most wanted and perfect innovations in the coffee industry. This machine is exemplary and totally amazing when it comes to brewing the best coffee. The coffee making process has become simpler with this machine. It is the best and top rated coffee machine of modern times. It is suitable for fast lifestyle in which you can’t take time out to make coffee. You can always have the best cup of coffee before going to work now.

the coffee made with this machine has an excellent aroma and thick crema which gives birth to the special essence. The machine is quite affordable and the excellent features in this machine makes it the most wanted coffee machine on earth. The features are quite easy to handle and you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time in learning to make a coffee.

The normal citiz model of coffee machine is very elegant and compact but the elegant element in its design makes the size 13 x 27.8 x 37.2 cm which is approximately 5.2 x 11.0 x 14.7 inches. It is quite a compact size but it is obviously beaten by Nespresso Pixie range which is even smaller and space saving.

You will be even amazed at the self-cleaning process of this machine. The machine maintenance includes cleaning the system once in a while. The machine cleans itself with just a push of a button thus saving you from all the hassle. Customers reviews about this machine’s self-cleaning system are totally impeccable because it is highly helpful for people with busy lives. Self-cleaning is all the busy people need in fact people say that more people should learn to develop such products, thus making the human lives much easier.

You can fit any large and small sized cup on the tray and it can prepare coffee for more than 15 people at a time and each with the consistent quality thus ensuring that you get a perfect cup of coffee every time you need.

Pros and Cons

let’s get to the pros and cons of Nespresso Citiz.


  • Rapid functioning as it prepares the perfect cup of coffee within seconds.
  • This coffee maker is pretty easy to handle and provides ease in production of coffee.
  • The coffees made with this machine have the perfect aroma.
  • The design and look of this device are quite decent and impressive.
  • You can put it anywhere as it is compact and doesn’t take a lot of space.
  • The machine is highly durable and stable.


There can’t be many cons of this machine as it is perfect. But,

  • The Nespresso only takes its particular capsule thus it doesn’t accept any other capsule apart from Nespresso capsule. This is the only con that becomes an inconvenience to some users.

CitiZ & Milk Coffee Machines

The milk range and CitiZ itself are very simple. It does have every quality of regular coffee machines but it comes with an extra container for keeping the fresh milk. It comes with an Aeroccino which is the very own frother of Nespresso. You can enjoy both hot and cold coffee and milk with this amazing coffee maker perfected for providing ease in use.

You need to remember one thing, though, which is that Aeroccino’s maximum capacity is only have if you are preparing froth for cold milk. This is because of the space requirement for froth to 120 ml/4oz. This stays at 240ml / 8oz if you are planning to prepare milk for hot drinks including black latte and cappuccino.

Final words

The bundle of Nespresso Citiz contains a pod espresso machine and obviously an amazing separate milk frother which can help in making a strong shot of espresso and full of cream lattes along with cappuccinos. This machine is the easiest one to handle.

Each sip of Nespresso Citiz espresso machine is as fresh because of the modern and high technology used to make vacuum sealed coffee pods. You can have your required type of coffee with different blends and origins while you don’t even have to buy a whole new coffee grinder. This machine comes with the most loved aeroccino which is an excellent milk frother. It heats and steams milk meanwhile. This machine has gained bunch of top spots in various reviews because of its exceptional abilities to provide the only best coffee. It comes in a reasonable price and saves you tons of money that you were otherwise going to spend on a cup of coffee every day.

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