Top 5 Best Travel Coffee Maker 2021

Coffee is one thing that almost the entire planet admires so much and agrees on, we all love coffee. Most importantly why wouldn’t anyone not love it, it is amazing, everyone loves coffee. Coffee is what prepares us for outside world and I mean that literally. Without coffee I’m not sure what would have been happening right now.

Now that everyone is clear on the love and importance for coffee, let’s talk about the main difference between bad coffee and really good coffee. Because lets be real, a sucky cup of coffee can kickstart your day backwards but a really good one can give you all the energy to achieve new things in life and accept challenges.

When you are traveling it becomes even more important to have just the right cup of coffee. Once you find good coffee spots in your neighborhood you think you are sorted for life but then you have to travel to a different place and you are usually clueless about where to get that perfect cup of coffee everyday.

Some of us even have the perfect coffee machine units at home which give us that most important cup everyday for years and we get so used to it that we probably want to take the unit to work too. But those units are usually not portable enough to carry around easily.

Now the friends who are absolutely particular about their coffees; I feel you and that’s why I’m going to give you the best solution for having the same coffee anywhere in the world.

Your solution is pretty easy and good and that is best travel coffee maker, to make this even more interesting for you, I’ll tell you about the best travel coffee maker 2021, so you are totally caught up on the modern coffee makers and make your choices accordingly.

best travel coffee maker


Lets have a look at the best travel coffee maker 2021

1. Costway 2 in 1 Coffee Maker

This is the first coffee maker in our list but don’t worry this list is not made to prioritize the machines by numbers, all the best travel coffee maker in this list are absolutely best, you just have to choose the right one according to the features required.


This elegant, modern and stylish coffee maker is a total win win for coffee lovers because of its ability to brew amazing coffee in few minutes and because it comes at such a low cost.

The benefits of this amazing coffee maker are endless and because of its food grade material, you will never experience any odor, color or harmful material.

It is very durable and easy to use. It is completely compatible with most of the capsules, it offers rich functions which are really easy to use. The built in filter screen for capsule box is just cherry on top.

It is very convenient and safe because when you forget to turn it off, it shuts off automatically and even when it is out of water it turns off automatically. This is perfect machine for taking to travel.


Let’s have a look at the features of this coffee maker.

  • Quality coffee maker with brand new body
  • Modern design with sleek and beautiful finishing
  • Totally durable, colorless and odorless because of its food grade material
  • Modern and intuitive operations
  • Quality espresso in no time
  • Automatic shut off feature when it runs out of water
  • Automatic shut off feature when it has been working for too long
  • Totally safe in use because of automatic shut off features
  • Great and ergonomic design, very easy to carry
  • Can be used for brewing coffee capsules and coffee ground
  • Take your espresso to go, always
  • Detachable design making it easy to use and clean
  • Great for work, home or travel


There are great benefits of using this machine.

Great design: It is very modern looking and anywhere in world you take it, it will give you best coffee while maintaining the modern look.

Excellent material: The design material is also healthy for human beings because it is completely odorless & colorless.

Compatibility: The machine can be used for brewing coffee capsules and coffee grounds. The built in filter screen for capsule box is also great. This best portable coffee maker is compatible with many capsules.

Easy to use: It is very convenient to use because you can put water in to tank, add the capsules or ground coffee and start it. That’s it, you are done. You don’t have to do a lot to make coffee with this machine.

Safe: The machine is very smart because it can turn off automatically when you forget to and its been working for long, it also turns off when it runs out of water making your safety a priority.

Sleek and portable: This machine is so efficient, stylish and portable. The excellent finish makes it easy to carry anywhere, means you will have your personalized coffee anywhere you want.

2. Large French Press Coffee Maker by JOMO (Blue)

This absolutely stylish coffee maker is another game and is among the top best coffee makers 2021. It has great set of features and the cost is just amazing, when you think about having your personalized coffee anywhere at this cost for years to come, you just feel like thanking this coffee maker.


Lets have a look at the features of this amazing  and best travel coffee machine:

  • This coffee machine gives you quality coffee
  • The double filter design gives you perfect cup of coffee brew
  • This machine keeps the coffee hot enough because of the double wall design. The handle will still remain cold but the coffee coming out will be absolutely hot even after certain time.
  • The capacity of this machine to hold coffee is great because it features the 34 ounces coffee capacity. You and at least 7 of your friends can have coffee at the same time with this machine.
  • It is completely portable and durable because of its design. The design is tough and modern which will sustain all the travel and hassle just to provide you perfect coffee anywhere you need it.
  • The warranty from the manufacturer ensures that your satisfaction is the top priority.


Scratch resistant color coating: You may think that this color will look really ugly after use because of all the scratches it will get but the amazing color coating makes it perfect for use it kitchen or even at adventures because it will keep the new look because it is meant to get to places with you.

Double wall construction: Your coffee will keep its temperature because of the double wall construction. It is insulated with18/18 pro grade stainless steel design.

Coffee worth sharing: The coffee is amazing when brewed with this machine but the most amazing thing is that you would think that travel coffee machine can hardly serve two people but the capacity and style of this machine is unmatchable. It can serve up to 7 people at a time.

Warranty: The warranty that comes with this thing ensures that you always feel satisfied.

3. Electric Coffee Grinder Portable 

This coffee machine is actually a coffee grind machine which ensures that the quiet and yet powerful motor can grind your coffee beans evenly and prepare coffee right in front of your eyes.

This machine is really easy to use and you can take it anywhere with you because of its excellent design and portable features. You can turn the lid clockwise to fasten the grinding bowl, pour the beans into the bowl and press the cap for making a uniform grind in under 30 seconds.


Large capacity: The 200 watt motor and sharp stainless steel blade ensures durability and powerful performance, it grinds up to 75g of coffee beans for making 12 cups of coffee for yourself and for your family and friends as well.

Easy to use: You can just add your coffee beans and press the lid for the machine to let work, it will complete grinding your coffee in under 30 seconds. The detachable container and transparent lid are really easy to clean under water. You even get a free cleaning brush for this machine.

Great and safe design: The grinder is scratch resistant, corrosion resistant and even insulation resistant, making it really durable and easy. The auto shut off feature can protect it from over heating. It is designed with safety lock and the cord storage area. The design is very sleek and makes it easy to carry.

Quiet operation: The motor is quiet but really powerful and the speed is astonishing too. You can use this machine for grinding your coffee beans as well as herbs and other nuts and spices. The results are tidally uniform without burning any of the ingredient.

Lifetime service warranty: The warranty as well as service can ensure complete satisfaction at customers end because any problem in future can be helped by the company.

4. Espro Travel Coffee Press, Stainless Steel, 12 oz (Matte Black)

This Espro travel press is for people who love to have personalized coffee and tea whenever they need and anywhere they need it. This machine is excellent for traveling because the company says whether you are in middle of ocean or jungle you can have the right cup of coffee with this best portable coffee maker 2021.

You can just seal the machine with travel lid, put it in your travel bag and get going. The features of this machine is great. It has the patented filter which has two more filters with each being 9-12 times finer than any french style press. The process of grinding is much smooth and all the flavor is extracted.

This machine is specially designed for the coffee lovers who just wont compromise on their coffee, it has paper filter pressure coffee brew method which means that the patented system places a paper filter between the press filters which absorbs all the oil and gives you perfectly tasting coffee.

You can even stop the extraction whenever you want, means you have the control over the taste, you can choose the right moment for the extraction. The double wall ensures that your coffee is constantly hot.


1. On the go coffee: This machine is for people who want good coffee anywhere in the world and are particular about their coffees

2. Unmatchable grind: The patented double filter gives you the rich flavor without any grits

3. Hot coffee: The double wall ensures that your coffee is hot for hours

4. Stop extraction: You are in charge of this machine, means after pressing the extraction process will immediately stop

5. It can hold 10-15 oz of coffee

5. AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker with 15 oz. Travel Mug

This machine is great looking and the coffee quality is really worth talking about. this machine is made for people who love to have the personalized coffee on their trips. Lets have a look at the features of this machine.

Eco friendly: This machine is made with permanent filter which means it is environment friendly and cuts on the waste and cost of filters. It eliminates use of paper filters, saving you tons of money.

Great universal design: The design is just right, the travel mug fits in to most cup holders and drink vessels. This is perfect for those who want to have their coffee on the go, specially when they are traveling, the mug is insulated to keep your coffee warm for a good period of time.

Durable construction: This machine is made with durable plastic which can brew up to 15 ounces of coffee at once in a stainless steel travel mug. The maker automatically shuts off when the cup it full making it completely safe.

Portable coffee maker: The sleek design is perfect for taking it anywhere and specially for people who have to travel a lot, this coffee maker will give you the perfect cup of coffee every morning.


As above our experts find after research best travel coffee maker for you. Those travel coffee makers you can use easy in traveling and all machines are smart and stylish and very cheap price. Experts recommend those best coffee machine for traveling.

If you have any question are you know about more travel coffee machines or about best nespresso machine which are also best so please tell us in comment.